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72COM003 DH88 Comet G ACSR

DH88 Comet G ACSR  - follow this link for bigger picture

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This superb model represents the third in the trio of aircraft which in real life were commissioned specially from De Havilland for the 1934 MacRobertson Trophy Air Race between London and Melbourne. Here at Oxford we have already released the Comet flown by Jim and Amy Mollison Black Magic' in dramatic black and gold and the bright red Grosvenor House', flown by C W A Scott and Tom Campbell Black. Now you can add the dark green G-ACSR to your colourful Comet trio, as flown by Owen Cathcart-Jones and Ken Waller, which came fourth in the race. Upon reaching Melbourne, the pair turned round immediately and flew back to England to create an out-and-home record. The dark green scheme is enhanced with silver lineout along the wings and fuselage and has white lettered markings with No. 19 and the Union Flag printed on the tailfin. Note too, the extended and retracted undercarriage finished in black and silver. The outer propellers and spinners are silver but added detail sees the propeller backs painted black.