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76SET17D Land Rover Set

Land Rover Set - follow this link for bigger picture

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Our latest Land Rover Set in 1:76 scale comprises five models that have all been released singly but come together now to offer a superb gift selection. All but one are replicas of the Series 1 88 hard top Land Rover. First up is 76LAN188006 Land Rover Series 1 88 hard top in Post Office Telephones livery. Decorated in the signature PO dark green and registered PGO 997, we see the Crown insignia finely printed on the sides, while further printwork indicates the vehicle was assigned to the PO Engineering Department in London, EC2. Next is 76LAN188001 88 hard Top which appears in Civil Defence livery, registered SXF 455. Painted in dark green with the Civil Defence Corps crest on the sides of the doors, the body colour is also repeated in the wheels. Additional gold lettering shows it was assigned to the Northamptonshire Division and also indicates that the vehicle in real life was the property of the Home Office! The third model in the set is 76LAN188004 88 Hard Top representing a Royal Mail vehicle, registered SXH 193, working out of the Post Office 176747 Coleraine, as printed on the nearside door in black. The Royal Mail ER II insignia is printed in gold on the sides, together with the Crown. The body and wheels are decorated in the bright red Royal Mail livery and the model comes with ivory interior and black chassis. 76LAN188019 Land Rover 88 in AA livery is also reviewed in this issue of The Globe as a single release in this month's programme. However, it goes together very well with the fifth vehicle in our Land Rover set, that of its arch rival the RAC! 76LAN109004 is a replica of the versatile Land Rover Series 109 and comes in the dark blue RAC livery with black canvas' back. Registered TXT 355, a tooling modification sees it with a Radio Road Service roof sign in blue and white. The model also features the Land Rover Series 1 109 radiator grille in black and silver.